MICRO IN MACRO 2013, physical theatre and videoprojection, premiere: 5.6.2013, A4 – Bratislava
Katarína Brestovanská - choreography, interpretation
Milan Kozánek - assistant choreographer
Noro Knap - visual concept, videoprojection, sound mix, light design

Micro in Macro is a stand-up performance that experiments with the connection between theatre and visual art. During the performance the artist is confronted with film images, which were created as independent sequences and which record the creative process. The performance analyses the personal experience of a woman in relation to a universal principle, which is presented by the basic elements and processes of nature: soil, light, growth, flowering, decay, death. In the process of self-finding, she immerses herself deeply into the earth to discover the real woman’s power inside her returning to the source and feeling it intensely enables her to rediscover a woman who tells her story with her body.